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TAWilliams-Alps-3DJoin an instaFreebie Group Giveaway (organized by KCAS by March 31, 2017, and receive a FREE 3D ebook image of your choice from the “Single Title” options in our shop.**

**The cover you submit for your giveaway will be used to create your free 3D ebook image. If you choose an image with a spine, a full print cover will need to be provided or we can create a spine for $5.

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How many books can I submit?

2 per giveaway. Please fill out a new form for the second book. If this is a multi-author box set, it does not count toward your individual limit.

What is the cost?

$15 per book sent via PayPal to (or

How many books will be listed?

Max of 25

How will the included books be listed?

Based on receipt of cover, link, and payment.

What books are eligible?

Completed stories of any length are eligible provided they are NOT in KindleUnlimited as that goes against your Terms of Service for KDPSelect and KindleUnlimited. Also, I do not promote erotica books and reserve the right to turn submissions down that fall into this genre.

What do you expect from participating authors?

Share the signup once you’ve submitted your info! Send a newsletter to your email list on the first day of the giveaway (graphic and link to promo page will be provided), post on your blog/website (graphic and link to promo page will be provided), share on social media, in your street teams, etc

Where do I send my book cover?

Please send your book cover(s) to (Email Subject: GENRE Group Giveaway DATES)



I don’t have a mailing list. Can I still participate?

No. You must have a mailing list to participate as the general idea is to grow your subscriber group. We can help set one up for you, though. Please visit our Email Marketing Service page for more info.

I don’t have an InstaFreebie account. How do I sign up?

Sign up for an account at There, you can upload the book(s) you would like to give away. Make sure you select that readers are required opt-in to your mailing list to get the free book.

If you sign up with this link (, we’ll receive a small commission from InstaFreebie.

How do I need to set up my giveaway?

When setting up your giveaway, be sure to set the opt-in to required and make your giveaway public.

Is MailChimp required to collect email addresses?

No. You can export a list of those who have subscribed and import into your preferred platform.




TBD – Cozy Mysteries (Signup coming soon)
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TBD – Historical Romance (Signup coming soon)
TBD – Women’s and Contemporary Fiction (Signup coming soon)
TBD – Romantic Suspense (Signup coming soon)
TBD – First Chapters (All Genres – National Reading Day – March 2) (Signup coming soon)


December 12-18, 2016 – Chick Lit/Romantic Comedy (View giveaway page)
December 19-25, 2016 – It Must Be Christmas (View giveaway page)

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