Book Tours & Promotions

KCAS has a growing list of bloggers, reviewers, and bookworms who love to help spread the word about our authors’ books. We’re happy to have the below services available giving you access to these amazing book lovers!

We work with the following genres: Chick Lit, Romantic Comedy, Cozy Mystery, Contemporary Romance, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal/Paranormal Romance, and Romantic Suspense. These are the genres that we and our readers, bloggers, and reviewers enjoy.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for setup and signup.
Virtual book tours take one week to set up and have a 30 day signup period.
We are currently booking tours for February 2018 and beyond.

  • Virtual Book Tours consist of your choice of a variety of posts including reviews, excerpts, guest posts, interviews, and playlists.
  • Author provides review copies (an epub file is required), and we will handle distribution (via***) and follow up. (If only mobi is available, we can convert to epub for an additional $5 charge.)

*** makes it easy for the Karan & Co. Author Solutions tour hosts and reviewers to download your books for review. Epub files are required to add your book to our account. Please note: all review copies are set up privately with a password and name/email are required for our hosts to download.

List your book on NetGalley!!!
We are currently booking review opps for January 2018 and beyond.

By adding your book to our NetGalley co-op, you are opening the playing field to non-blogging reviewers, librarians, booksellers, and other media.

  • You provide the review copies (epub/mobi), and we will handle the rest.
  • This is not a tour. Blog posts are not required, but bloggers who sign up to review will be provided with your book and author info for use in their post.

DISCOUNT: $35 when used with a blog tour!

Please allow 3-4 weeks for setup and sign up.
Book blitzes take one week to set up and have a 2-3 week
 signup period.
We are currently booking book blitzes for January 2018 and beyond.

Book blitzes are perfect for mass announcements or breathing new life into your backlist.

Pre-Order Blitz          Release Day Blitz
Free/Sale Blitz          Author Spotlight
Book Birthday          Series Spotlight
Special Announcement

DISCOUNT: $35 when scheduled with a tour!

Please allow 2-3 weeks for setup and sign up.
Cover Reveals take one week to set up and have a 1-2 week
 signup period.
We are currently booking cover reveals for mid-March 2018 and beyond.

Show off your new cover with the help our bloggers and bookworms!

What does Karan & Co. Author Solutions (KCAS) do for these events?

  • All tours and blitzes include contacting the growing Karan & Co. Author Services Street Team as well as posting regularly on our various social media sites.
  • All tours and events will have a dedicated page with book information, author information, and signup area. As spots are filled, the hosts and participants will be added to the schedule/participant list on this page as well.
  • Media Kit items provided by KCAS: Multiple event banners optimized for various social media sites, a Build-Your-Own blog post package, HTML for WordPress & Blogger.
  • Follow up with participants to ensure that reviews are posted on Amazon and Goodreads. Barnes & Noble is not required, but is encouraged.

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