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KCAS is looking to join NetGalley to help manage review copies for our blog tours and review opportunities. Before we take the plunge, we’re gauging interest in a KCAS NetGalley Co-op. Browse the info below, and let us know if you are interested or have any questions!

What is NetGalley?

NetGalley is a digital ARC (advanced reader copy) or review copy distribution site that makes it easy to get your soon-to-be published or already published books into the hands of “professional readers” including reviewers, media, journalists, bloggers, librarians, booksellers and educators.

How much will this cost me?

We have four price points to accommodate your needs:

1 month – $50
3 months – $140 (up to 3 titles, 1 per month)
6 months – $275 (up to 6 titles, 1 per month)
1 year – $525 (up to 12 titles, 1 per month)

Please note: There is a 2 week setup time to ensure we have everything we need for your time on NetGalley with KCAS to be successful. Books will be loaded 1 week prior to going live on the 1st or 15th of the month. Files and info will need to be sent 10-14 days before your scheduled start date. 

2 week spots ($30) may be available due to mid-month starts and will be announced in our Facebook group. These will be available only as a quick boost to those who have listed with us in the past or as an extension of a blog tour or review opportunity.

What genres will be included?

Primary genres will be Chick Lit, Romantic Comedy, Cozy Mystery, Contemporary Romance, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal/Paranormal Romance, and Romantic Suspense, though others may be considered. We do not promote erotica, BDSM, or others that fall into that realm. This is a personal decision, and we will not consider those titles.

What does KCAS do?

All co-op books will be listed on our website, shared on our social media.

We would handle all aspects of the process from uploading your ARC or review copy to approving or denying review requests to providing summarized and detailed reporting. Should you be interested in having a hand in the review request approvals, we can work that out. Ideally, we would manage this for you so you can focus on your next book. In the words of Karan’s 3 year old nephew, “I got this!”

We will provide summarized reports every two weeks as well as feedback and reviews for as long as they should come in.

How do I reserve a spot?

Send us an email at, and tell us you’re interested. We’ll start the process and get you on the schedule! Invoices will be sent via PayPal and must be paid in full to reserve your spot.

Feel free to join the KCAS NetGalley Co-op Facebook group where we’ll share open spots, and those with reserved months can sublet their unused months.

Other FAQs

Are my books secure?

Yes. NetGalley uses Amazon’s “Send to Kindle” function to send secure, non-downloadable files directly to the reviewer’s Kindle.

How many spots do you have available?

We have 12 spots for the co-op. Review copies and ARCs for our tours and review opps have their own spots and are not included in that number.

Can I share a longer term with a friend?

Absolutely! You will be responsible for hashing out who gets what month and letting us know so we have the right book loaded each month. Alternatively, you can rent out your unused months to other authors provided their books fall into the genres we allow.

Does this break the rules of KDP Select/KindleUnlimited?

Nope! In the current Terms & Conditions of KDP Select and KindleUnlimited, you are allowed to provide review copies. Since NetGalley is specifically for providing review copies and we control who receives them, this is kosher.

Can I reserve a spot if I’m not an indie author?

Of course! If you’re with a publisher, please have their approval before submitting. We may ask for a copy of the email in case an issue arises.

Does my book need to be an ARC or can it already be published?

Advanced copies and published books can be listed. This is a great way to bring your backlist to new reviewers!

How are review requests handled?

We will work with you to set the criteria you would like to use including number of social media followers, genre preferences, activity on Amazon and/or Goodreads, and follow through of posting reviews and feedback.

Are reviews guaranteed?

Unfortunately, no, but since NetGalley is designed for reviews, we would expect some. Since we’re just getting started, we don’t have any stats but will update as we get further into the co-op.

Can you set a deadline for reviews?

Short answer, no. NetGalley isn’t designed that way. If you are looking for a deadline for reviews, please take a look at our Review Opportunity service.

What if my books is already on NetGalley from a KCAS blog tour or review opp?

That means you’re insanely awesome. 😉 When you book a tour or review opp, you would have the option to distribute through the KCAS Instafreebie account (included) or NetGalley (for an additional $25/mo. – usually 2 months). When your tour or review opp is done, you will have the option to move into the KCAS NetGalley Co-op for $45 per month. (3 & 6 months and 1 year prices are not discounted any further.)

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