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Premade & Custom Book Covers


Premade Book Covers

Ebook only – $50

Ebook & Print – $100

Custom Book Covers

Ebook only – $100 (incl. up to four (4) revisions, addl. cost may be billed for more)

Ebook & Print – $175 (incl. up to four (4) revisions, addl. cost may be billed for more)

All book covers include up to four (4) revisions (for ebook and print separately). Additional revisions will be billed at $35/hour with a minimum charge of $20.

Things to note:

All stock images are from and are included in each cover package. If you have an image from a different stock site that you would like to use, please allow us to check before you purchase the image. If we am unable to find the same image (or an acceptable replacement), we will purchase the image and invoice you for the cost of the image plus 5%.

The prices listed above are subject to change at any time.

We strive to have your covers completed in a reasonable amount of time, but my schedule varies from week to week. At initial contact, we will let you know an approximate time frame. Rush design is available with a additional 25% fee. This will need to be approved before I accept the project.


We’ve joined NetGalley to provide authors with an amazing way to reach new reviewers, bloggers, librarians, and booksellers!




We have four price points to accommodate your needs:

1 month – $50
3 months – $140 (up to 3 titles, 1 per month)
6 months – $275 (up to 6 titles, 1 per month)
1 year – $525 (up to 12 titles, 1 per month)


Are my books secure?

Yes. NetGalley uses Amazon’s “Send to Kindle” function to send secure, non-downloadable files directly to the reviewer’s Kindle.

How many spots do you have available?

At this time, we have 10 spots in total. The number of available spots can change at any time.

Are reviews guaranteed?

Unfortunately, no, but since NetGalley is designed for reviews, we expect several of the reviewers we approve will review.

How fast will reviews appear?

Reviews can appear within 1 day or could take several months. After 7 months on NetGalley, we still see reviews and feedback coming in for the first books we listed.

Can you set a deadline for reviews?

Short answer, no. NetGalley isn’t designed that way.

Can I share a longer term with a friend?

Absolutely! You will be responsible for hashing out who gets what month and letting us know so we have the right book loaded each month. Alternatively, you can rent out your unused months to other authors provided their books fall into the genres we allow.

Does this break the rules of KDP Select/KindleUnlimited?

Nope! In the current Terms & Conditions of KDP Select and KindleUnlimited, you are allowed to provide review copies. Since NetGalley is specifically for providing review copies and we control who receives them, this is kosher.

Can I reserve a spot if I’m not an indie author?

Of course! If you’re with a publisher, please have their approval before submitting. We may ask for a copy of the email in case an issue arises.

Does my book need to be an ARC or can it already be published?

Advanced copies and published books can be listed. This is a great way to bring your backlist to new reviewers!

How are review requests handled?

We will work with you to set the criteria you would like to use including number of social media followers, genre preferences, activity on Amazon and/or Goodreads, and follow through of posting reviews and feedback.

Interest Form

Book Blitzes/Tours

Are you looking for a virtual book blitz to help promote your upcoming release or announcement? Schedule a 1, 3, or 5 day blitz today!

Details + Pricing

Events are 1, 3, or 5 days – weekdays only ($50, $75, and $100 respectively)

All events include: (1) 3D render, (2) banners, media kit, and signup form/page on KCAS website. If you have additional graphics, we can include in the blitz or author can purchase a graphics package from KCAS.

Author can choose from the following post types: review, promo/excerpt, guest post, and/or Q&A.

All content MUST be available one month prior to event so we can create everything we need.

Review copies MUST be available at least one month prior to the event or that option will be pulled.

Custom Graphics

Our custom graphic options range from quick 3D book renders to custom book covers and everywhere in between.

Packages + Pricing


  • 3D Book Images $5+
  • Teasers $10 (includes 1 basic 3D book or tablet render)
  • Social Media Cover $25 (each addl similar design $20 – includes 1 basic 3D book or tablet render)


  • New Release Trio $75 (2 Social Media Covers — “Coming Soon”/Date & “Available Now,” 1 3D Book Render from single book category, 8 Countdown Graphics — 7 days, 6 days, etc.)
  • Graphics Package A – $50 (2 Social Media Covers, 1 Teaser, 1 3D Book Render)
  • Graphics Package B – $70 (2 Social Media Covers, 3 Teasers, 2 3D Book Renders)
  • Graphics Package C – $90 (2 Social Media Covers, 5 Teasers, 5 3D Book Renders)
  • Graphics Package D – $150 (2 Social Media Covers, 10 Teasers, 10 3D Book Renders)


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